Saturday, July 28, 2012

Focus of the Artist

I gain my inspiration from the natural world. I feel we are increasingly living in a time where it is prevalent for people to be disconnected from nature and thus have ceased to understand its importance in our daily lives. We must remind ourselves of the beauty and complexity in the simplicity of nature and how to measure our lives by its elements, its truth, its starkness, density, and in its elaborate design. We forget to be affected by its incredibility and to notice how magnificent and spectacular is the magnitude of the earth’s daily metamorphosis. We are meant to live near to it, and work to its patterns, and by taking the time to reflect in it, we reflect on ourselves.

Through my work I aim to connect people to nature. My effort is in attempt to depict the detail, the intricacies, the elaborate compositions that are all around us, give a feast for the eyes, the soul, the mind, and point out what is so regularly taken for granted.

I never grow tired of landscape, and continue to explore and develop ways to demonstrate our surrounds in their most vibrant, rugged, and spectacular array. 

My work is directly inspired by the places I have lived, breathed and loved throughout my life.Having always strived to immerse myself with completeness into my surrounds, I am able to draw upon a rich and varied scope of vibrant images that have become entrenched into my being. I use the energy extracted from my daily immersions into the local landscape to compose my canvas and illuminate it with native life. With a strong background in conservation and native forest restoration I also take great care to represent only the indigenous flora and fauna of an area depicted in my work.

My most recent body of work has been dedicated to the incredible landscapes of New Zealand and South Africa, but now I am turning my efforts for a time to a separate theme, and finally beginning a project that has long been composting in the creative tank, the release can be expected by July next year. So until that time my studio over flow and commission acceptance will be limited but, am feeling very positive and driven to commit whole heartedly to this project and hope that it will be well received in completion! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Inspiration

A Few months spent moving around the globe has unavoidably competed with the norm of prolific studio activity, but now as I settle into a routine and find new flow of inspiration, the brush lies dormant no longer! A few large projects are on the go and keeping me on my toes, murals and illustrating as well as maintaining my studio over flow! More info and photos to follow but in the meantime here are a few recent small works now selling in New Zealand.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Although the water seems to be getting colder, the weather is definately warming up in the Western Cape.. Summer is certainly on its way! And what better way to embrace it then to get out and immerse yourself. That said; my Plein Air WorkShops begin November 1st! For those looking for something to get them outdoors this is a great opportunity for those in Cape Town to get out and enjoy nature whilst learning and honing artistic skills and creative understanding.

Internationally renowned Landscape Artist Carrie Ade
welcomes you to join in her upcoming Plein Air Workshops.

Held in the open air at stunning locations throughout the Southern Peninsula, Carrie takes you on an outing which both allows you to delve into your natural environment and learn to capture it with an Artists eye.

Venturing out into nature is the most direct route when learning to create convincing and alive paintings of the landscape. The Plein Air Work Shops are designed to give you the confidence to take that journey outside no matter your skill level. Whether a complete novice to painting or an intrepid artist the Plein Air Workshop will cater to your ability.

With comprehensive instruction to apply beginner to advanced artistic skills, Carrie leads you with thorough and attentive guidance in composition and perspective to an understanding of seeing and interpreting the elements that make up the incredible beauty of the Cape.

Work Shops begin

November 1st November 29st January 4th

for details email see full add on gumtree

New Work - Fynbos Gif Kommetjie

Monday, August 29, 2011

A new work completed for New Zealand "Walking Home". No matter where I may be in the world, images of the NZ west coast stay pristine and fresh in my mind and I never feel for lack of inspiration to compose and create my interpretation of the landscape.

Words about my work from a well known New Zealand artist:

"I first became aware of Carrie Ade's Artworks when they appeared in the West Coast Gallery and was immediately struck by the convincing rendition of the local landforms and flora with which I am intimately familiar. The presence of an individual Visual Language was obvious.

Over time the depictive quality could be seen improving, with larger format, more emphasis on shadows, enhancement of detail and general perspective. The overall effect is the sense of being in the landscape rather than viewing it from a distance. Growing confidence and a general fidelity are pervasive. This, to my mind is of greater significance in that the Paintings are worked in the studio from memory.

Assisting everything going on here is the omnipresence of Weather conditions -stacked-up Cumulonimbus clouds drive the waves and the promise of a downpour -all combining in an edginess which soups up the metabolism of the works."

- Zeke Wolf

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

South Africa continues to bring inspiration and new opportunities to my art. A few more works completed and readily accepted by galleries here in Cape Town. Also my new Website is now offically up and running and am proud to announce!

WitsandsAlign Center

Canterbury Gallery in Claremont hosting three new paintings.

Visitors welcome monday through saturday

Canterbury Gallery and Framers

58 Vineyard Rd

Claremont Western Cape South Africa

Saturday, June 11, 2011

South Africa Inspiration

South Africa speaks to my soul. Inundated with endless inspiration that I am busy tapping into by immersing myself in its vibrant elements! The surf, the beaches, the mountains, the fynbos in its tremendous variety, wild life.. the capricious wind and weather of Cape Town with its daily metamorphosis and spectacular and intense displays of nature.. Well I cannot get enough and am finding it necessary to pull myself from the surf, hang my mountain bike up, and force myself into the studio in order to turn some of those inspiring absortions and extractions into something visual!

Dias.. putting inspiration into view

Over 9,000 different species of Fynbos florish in the Western Cape..

I've got my work cut out for me!

My garden studio looks onto the surrounding mountains where believe it or not I watch baboons play on the hill sides all throughout the day.

Along with my South Africa emergance, I am being kept very busy with commissions and creating new work for galleries in New Zealand and upcoming exhibitions and competitions. The "New Zealand Art Show" and the "Emerging Artist Awards" approaching quickly with July.

"Tiro Whites"

Piha is Paradise

Friday, April 8, 2011

Well things are getting very busy! As I am travelling and painting in South Africa currently, and the committments and opportunities increase around the world.

May approaches with the Original Art Sale in Auckland, and Featured Artist at the West Coast Gallery. The Emerging art Awards and the New Zealand Art Show not far behind, as well as preparing for a Solo exhibition in Cape Town and accepting international commissions. Presently there are not enough hours in the day!

But the mobile studio is coming together and my brain is flooded with inspiration, so no shortage of material for the demand.

My new website is under construction and will be available for viewing soon!

In the meantime my work can be found at West Coast Gallery, The depot Art Space, and more recently the Abundance Gallery. Also dates and venue details coming soon for all my upcoming events.

Abundance Gallery